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Apple Reportedly Lobbying To Start Manufacturing iPads In India

Apple is reportedly lobbying the Indian government to gain the required permissions that could see it manufacture iPads in the country. The Indian government is planning to launch an incentive scheme designed to boost India’s computer exports, and Apple wants to be a part of it — albeit on better terms, according to Reuters.


The Indian government reportedly has a budget of up to $964 million over five years for the initiative, according to Reuters. Apple is however asking the government to almost triple the proposed budget according to reports. The company’s reason is partly that India’s supply chain doesn’t yet have the scale to meet Apple’s demands.

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Apple already started making iPhones in India in 2018 to avoid new import tariffs imposed by the Indian government at the time as part of a “Make in India” initiative. It has also been seeking to diversify its manufacturing out of China.


In January 2021, it was reportedly shifting iPad production to Vietnam this year. This was the first time it was moving a significant part of its iPad production outside China.


Apple already has contractors with production plants in India. They include; Foxconn, Pegatron, and Wistron. Reuters also reports that it is likely that Apple could have iPads assembled in India by one of these contractors “as early as this year”.



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