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Apple Reportedly Denies Parler From Reentering Its App Store

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Apple has reportedly denied social media company, Parler, from reentering its iOS App Store. The iPhone maker says its platform hasn’t addressed problems with offensive content.


Bloomberg quotes a message reportedly sent on 25th February 2021 in supporting a report establishing the denial. Apple says Parler’s latest community guidelines still didn’t meet its standards according to Bloomberg.


“Simple searches reveal highly objectionable content, including easily identified offensive uses of derogatory terms regarding race, religion, and s****l orientation, as well as Nazi symbols. For these reasons your app cannot be returned to the App Store for distribution until it complies with the guidelines,” Apple reportedly told Parler.

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Although Parler’s guidelines ban threats, spam, and some other types of content, its policies are still less stringent compared to other social platforms. It prefers “removing users or user-provided content be kept to the absolute minimum”.


Without the app back on the App Store, it cannot get new downloads. Its reinstatement is also crucial for existing users of th social media app to get updates.


Apple had removed Parler from its App Store in January 2021 over concerns that posts on Parler could contribute to violence after posts supporting the 6th January 2021 attack on the US Capitol. Google also removed the app from its Play Store. Finally, Amazon then removed its web hosting capabilities from the site, taking it offline.


Parler relaunched its website in February 2021 with stricter conditions. But it has not been able to add new users to its app or push mobile app updates.



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