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Apple Didn’t Delete Tweets, Amid Rumours Of Twitter Leaving App Store

Apple App Store head Phil Schiller deleted is Twitter account in protest against Elon Musk decision to bring back former US president, Donald Trump, to the platform. The action has sparked rumours that the next action could be taking down the Twitter app from the App Store.

What is more, when you go to Apple’s Twitter page, you will find no tweets there and it makes it seem like the company too had removed itself from the site. However, this isn’t true.

Apple does not share info with the official @Apple account. Instead, info it communicates using the accounts of CEO Tim Cook and marketing SVP Greg Joswiak. Also, the company interacts with users via @AppleSupport, @AppleMusic, and @AppleTV. It only uses the account to promote products.

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Removing Twitter from the App Store at this time could put a serious dent in the social media’s plan of rebirth under Elon Musk. With more than half of US smartphone users being iPhone customers, updating an app not on the App Store would be impossible.

In addition, whatever reason that Apple could come up with could also allow Google delist the app from its store, Google Play. Thus, Twitter may lose many, if not all, its users in one move.

Of course, that is not happening yet as Twitter is hasn’t broken any rule that we have heard of. Even if it does overstep, taking down the app could be tricky because it may further spotlight the dominance of Google and Apple, something both companies avoid since their anti-trust hearing days.

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