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Apple Reduces Strain On Wallet App, Launches A Web Portal For Its Cards

Apple is launching a web portal for managing its apple credit cards. The new portal will allow the card’s user to manage their cards through a browser, instead of being only reliant on the Wallet app on an Apple device.


According to Apple Insider, users can now pay bills, view their current balance, and past balance statements. The new web portal is It, however, doesn’t completely eliminate the need for an Apple device in carrying out transactions on the card, as users still need to own one of Apple’s devices to apply for the card. This means that even with the web portal, the cards are still restricted to Apple customers only.

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The company launched the Apple Cards in a 2019 partnership with Goldman Sachs. The cards are a mobile-forward credit solution and part of an increased push into the service industry. The cards have features designed for making purchases with online vendors easier plus it is also compatible with the Apple Pay system.


Users can get a physical titanium card and 3 percent cashback on any transaction with Apple. That is in addition to 2 percent cashback on Apple Pay transactions, and 1 percent on purchases made with the regular card.


However, the former system had its own limitations. Like before the web portal, Apple Card users who lost their devices had to call Goldman Sachs to pay off their balances.


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