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Apple Quits Production Of Its AirPower Wireless Charger

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The Apple company has said it will cancel its Airpower wireless charger. It blamed this on its inability to achieve high standards for the product. They apologised to their customers who were looking forward to the launch for cancelling the project. Apple Senior Vice President of hardware engineering Dan Ricco in a statement said they will continue to explore the wireless technology.



Apple first introduced the AirPower charging mat in September 2017 at the iPhone X event. It unveiled the product as one of the new features of the iPhone X. Apple said it was going to ship the product in 2018, but it never happened.


The Airpower was meant to be able to charge up to three devices at once. That included the Apple Watch, AirPod headphones and an iPhone simultaneously. The unique innovation would have software for the iPhone that will show the current charge for all the three devices. The device would also have multiple inbuilt coils to let the charger work on any spot on the pad.


Apparently, according to reports, the products had had engineering and overheating issues. Apple had announced in March 2019 that the product was going to be mass produced and shipped to retailers. However, with this new announcement, it looks like that will never happen.

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