Apple Puts Taiwanese Supplier Wistron On Probation For Violating Labour Laws
Buses stand in front of the entrance of Wistron, a Taiwanese-run iPhone factory, at Narsapura, about 60 km from Bangalore on December 13, 2020. - Authorities vowed to crack down on workers who went on a violent rampage at a Taiwanese-run iPhone factory in southern India over allegations of unpaid wages and exploitation, with 100 people arrested so far. (Photo by Manjunath Kiran / AFP) (Photo by MANJUNATH KIRAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Apple Puts Taiwanese Supplier Wistron On Probation For Violating Labour Laws

Apple has put another supplier it hires to build the iPhone on probation for violating labor laws. The company put Taiwanese manufacturing giant Wistron on probation, according to Reuters, Bloomberg.


Reports say that the supplier was exploiting workers at its plant in India. Probation means it won’t be receiving any new business from Apple until it settles the violation.


According to reports, about 2,000 workers protested unpaid wages by rioting at one of Wistron’s offices. The protesting workers smashed up the lobby at the facility and overturned vehicles.


An Indian news site, Times of India, posted the video of the riot on its Twitter page:

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According to the South China Morning Post and Reuters, the local government found serious labour violations in its preliminary investigations. They say Wistron was underpaying wages and forcing some people to work overtime. There are also reports that police are also investigating middlemen who are targeting Apple’s contract workers.


8,500 of the Wistron factory’s 10,500 workers were revealed as contractors rather than full-time employees, according to the investigations. To put this in context, the plant may have only been permitted for 5,000 workers at the facility.


Wistron in an apology, says that it is; “enhancing its processes and restructuring our teams to ensure these issues cannot happen again”. It says it has established “a 24-hour grievance hotline” and “an employee assistant program.” Also it says it has also sacked its VP of business in India.



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