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Apple Poaches Another Top Google AI Researcher

Apple recently poached one of Google’s most prominent Artificial Intelligence researchers. This is in a bid to come to the top of the ranks in AI technology.


Once at Elon Musk’s founded lab Open AI and Google, Ian Goodfellow updated his LinkedIn profile to his new role at Apple. He is now working as the director for machine learning at the Apple’s Special Projects group.


In April 2018, Apple poached Google’s head of AI, John Giannandrea.


The future of technology seems to be Artificial Intelligence, and tech companies are always looking for researchers to push forward new products. Currently, Google is in the top spot in the world as regards Artificial Intelligence.


Apple uses a lot of AI technology for its products, but that’s not all. The company is also looking into the development of autonomous vehicles. This is probably the reason they are employing all these AI engineers to help with the project called Project Titan.


Ian Goodfellow joins Apple


34-year-old Goodfellow is a young AI researcher best known for his invention of Generative Adversarial Network. The GAN is a type of AI network that helps with generating fake visual imagery. The software is great for AI-generated portraits, like turning doodles into photorealistic paintings.


Goodfellow’s work in AI has been very influential and has made him very popular. It might be that Apple intends to use technology to improve its voice assistant, Siri.

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