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Apple rolls out new update to increase MagSafe charging speed

Apple recently rolled out an update that improves the charging speed of its MagSafe Powerbank devices in relation to its iPhones.

It is quite interesting that Apple devices across the board are getting improvements after they are shipped. Who’s heard of increasing the charging speed of a power bank? Well, that is exactly what Apple’s update is supposed to do.

Tech sources claim that the company released a version 2.7 update for MagSafe that takes the wireless charging speed from 5W to 7.5W. Apple says that owners do not need to do anything to update the device because as soon as the new version comes, it starts working when the wireless port is connected to an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 back.

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The low wireless charging capability of the MagSafe Powerbank has been a cause of concern for the Silicon Valley firm. Users expressed disappointment at how long they had to wait to juice up their devices using the wireless charger, but Apple insisted that the speed was aimed at protecting their battery life in the long run.

Other wireless chargers like the ones from Anker, Belkin, Otterbox, and others offer more speed than the MagSafe. Yet, the MagSafe has the upper hand because Apple makes it, and that brand name is worth sacrificing charging speed for.

Additionally, MagSafe improvements will come in due time as there are rumours that the company is working on a portless iPhone.

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