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Apple Could Launch Mixed Reality Headset OS In 2023

— Apple has allegedly almost finished its own virtual reality OS to power its mixed reality headset.
— The company is yet to confirm working on a parallel technology that competes with Meta’s metaverse.

Apple is finishing work on its mixed reality technology and it is not just making a headset but an entire ecosystem, complete with its own OS. According to a recent report by Bloomberg, the trillion-dollars company has been working behind the scenes to compete for a share of the virtual world.

This news is in direct contrast with how Apple CEO Tim Cook looks at the virtual reality world that Facebook’s parent company, Meta, is building. In October, Cook had said that the metaverse was still much of an abstract concept, making it seem like an investment that was not worthwhile.

Granted, Meta is hinging its future on the quick success of the metaverse technology and from what we are seeing, the tech is still highly priced, excluding a bulk of the would-be clients. However, one thing that the company had gotten right, it seems, is that Apple is a competitor.

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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg had likely received credible intel on what the iPhone maker has been doing in the mixed reality space and has said so, repeatedly, while Apple kept mum.

The aforementioned Bloomberg piece mentioned that the company has been hiring to build teams that focus on AR and VR technology, with job listings giving away what it is doing in secret. From what we have heard, Apple is choosing to run with the codename Oak for its mixed-reality headset hardware.

With Apple’s imminent entrance into the space, it is likely that more tech big names could be joining the competition in 2023 as well. The one good thing about this will be the several options for consumers to pick from, likely, we will soon see affordable VR and AR headsets.

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