You are currently viewing Apple Mixed Reality Headset Rumoured To Be Coming In June 2023
Apple Mixed Reality Headset Rumoured To Be Coming In June 2023

Apple Mixed Reality Headset Rumoured To Be Coming In June 2023

Analyst and Apple products leaker Ming-Chi Kuo has said that the company’s mixed reality headset could be available by the end of the second quarter of 2023 or in the third quarter.

Kuo revealed that the company planned to begin shipping the device earlier in the year but has chosen to delay it due to software-related issues. His prediction puts it at Apple’s WWDC event in June or earlier.

Some days before Kuo’s release date leak, The Information had published some features of the upcoming Apple mixed reality headset. It mentioned that it will come with a waist-mounted battery that lasts up to two hours, connected via a magnetic, MagSafe-like power cable to the headset’s headband.

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Also, the device is expected to have a small, Digital Crown-like dial on its right side that enables users to quickly transition between the virtual and physical world. It could feature different headbands, including one for consumers made of a similar material to Apple Watch sport bands with built-in speakers, and one targeted at developers.

Users who wear correction glasses will have magnetically attachable custom prescription lenses and there will be small motors to automatically adjust its internal lenses to match the wearer’s interpupillary distance, giving them the largest field of view possible for each individual.

The Apple mixed reality headset is said to offer a 120-degree field of view and powered by the H2 chip for ultra-low latency connection with the second-generation AirPods Pro and future AirPods models. It will have two chips; a main SoC with a CPU, GPU, and memory, and a dedicated image signal processor.

In addition, it uses dedicated ISP which translates the distorted images captured by the external cameras into a faithful video representation of the user’s surroundings with low latency. Users can run existing iOS apps in 2D using the headset.

Despite the various leaks, Apple has not said anything official about the mixed headset and most of what we have been reading about it are from unnamed sources.

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