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Apple Merges iTunes And Apple Store Card In Its Gift Card Revamp

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Apple is merging its iTunes card and its Apple store card to create a new Apple Gift Card. The merger should make purchasing from Apple easier as it can facilitate any transactions within the company.


Before, the company operated two gift cards for iTunes and Apple store separately. The iTunes card, which could only be used for purchasing from the App Store, iTunes Store, and to increase your iCloud storage; and the Apple Store card, that could only be used for purchases at the company’s retail or online stores.


The new Apple Gift Card also features a new look. The new design has a colored Apple logo in the center of the white card (see photo above). There are also eight different designs for the digital card and five for the physical version.

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Apple has dedicated a page on its website to explain how the new card can be used. Its description of the cards says that; “Products, accessories, apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, ‌iCloud‌, and more. This gift card does it all. And then some”.


Like with the previous cards, customers can decide the amount they want on the cards. The cards can also be used to add money directly into an Apple Account Balance.


At the moment, the new cards are only available in the US, however, they’ll likely spread to other countries where the old ones were available in time.


Apple adds that US users can continue to use their current Apple Store cards and existing ‌App Store‌ and iTunes cards can now also be used in the US to purchase products from the Apple Store.


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