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European Parliament Decision May End Apple’s Lightning Connector Cable

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Apple might have to stop producing its current Lightning connector cable depending on the European Parliament’s vote.


The lightning connector cable is apple’s trademark cable for charging and syncing Apple devices, such as the iPhone. However, they may be forced to stop making these cables.


This is because members of the European Parliament are asking the European Commission to compel tech giants to adopt a single universal charging method. It became public knowledge on 13th January 2020 and affects two other cables as well.


Apple Might Have To Abandon Its Lightening Connector Cable
Apple’s lightning connector cable


The other popular charging cables — USB-C and micro-USB — are used on Android devices. Although, Apple already stopped using Lightning cables on the 2019 iPad.


European regulators will vote on the matter on an unconfirmed date. However, Apple says the regulation would stifle innovation.


If the proposed regulation comes to the fore, Apple devices sold in all over Europe would require a new charging method.


There is a high probability that Apple would adopt USB-C in the eventuality of the regulation coming into enforcement. This is considering that the company ditched Lightning in favour of the technology on its 2019 iPad Pro.


Also, wireless charging would most likely be its preferred charging method.

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The European Commission has been campaigning for a single method of charging mobile devices for the past decade. More than 30 types of chargers were on the market in 2009, however, it’s now reduced to three. The mini-USB, USC and Apple’s lightning cable.

Apple’s Lightning connector cable detrimental to the environment

The regulators also want to cut down on electronic waste created by obsolete cables. They estimate that it contributes more than 51,000 tonnes of waste per year.


“This is hugely detrimental for the environment,” Alex Agius Saliba European Parliament member said.


“A common charger should fit all mobile phones, tablets, e-book readers and other portable devices” he added.


Apple and some of its rivals, like Huawei and Samsung, already released products that can charge their devices wirelessly.


Although the technology is relatively new, these new developments now mean that it is now able to compete with traditional charging methods.


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