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Apple Marketing

Apple Marketing Chief Phil Schiller Steps Downs After Decades With Apple

Apple marketing department is facing a change as its longtime chief, Phil Schiller, is stepping down. Schiller will, however, not leave the company but will take on another role in the company.


Schiller is stepping down from his role as senior vice president of worldwide marketing, after decades with Apple. The former marketing boss will still remain in charge of the App Store and Apple Events.


Schiller hands over to Greg Joswiak, previously head of product marketing, a role he’s held for the past four years. Schiller originally joined Apple in 1987 before leaving in 1993. His rejoining Apple in 1997 coincides with the late CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs’ return. Their return proved instrumental to the company’s present success.


Both helped changed the direction of the company from one of its lowest points to present-day status as an industry giant.

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Schiller’s involvement in Apple hardware is quite very well documented. He had often presented new products and is one of the faces of the company, often on stage during events, like presenting the 2019 Mac Pro.


He says he’s willing to work at Apple for “as long as they will have me”. However, speaking on the change, he says he also wants to make time for family, friends, and personal projects.


“It has been a dream come true for me to work at Apple, on so many products I love, with all of these great friends — Steve, Tim, and so many more. I first started at Apple when I was 27, this year I turned 60 and it is time for some planned changes in my life.


“I’ll keep working here as long as they will have me, I bleed six colours, but I also want to make some time in the years ahead for my family, friends, and a few personal projects I care deeply about,” said Schiller.


Joswiak will now be in charge of Apple’s product management, product marketing, and developer relations. He’ll also spearhead market research, business management, and education, enterprise, and international marketing. Joswiak has also been at Apple for more than two decades.


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