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Apple Maps Will Now Direct You To Coronavirus Testing Centers

Tech giant, Apple.Inc will soon empower maps on Apple devices to give directions to closest testing centres for coronavirus. Google Maps offers a more feature-rich experience than Apple Maps, and that’s understandable given Google’s development lead on Apple.


But Apple Maps is about to get a feature that Google Maps should copy as soon as possible as it’s related to the novel coronavirus health crisis.


The World Health Organization (WHO) encourages more testing as a key means to contain the spread of the coronavirus. But the difficulty in knowing testing centres has served as draw-backs to achieving this goal.


Apple is hoping to make testing centres for coronavirus easier to flatten the curve by pinpointing centres on its Maps app.

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Apple has since introduced a portal for hospitals, clinics and labs for registrations as COVID-19 testing centres. Apple will verify such locations and show on their Maps app. The map will show if these locations are drive-through or require pre-book appointments.


Apple Maps to show directions to testing centres


This new feature is another effort by Apple to fight the coronavirus. Earlier this month Apple had announced a partnership with fellow tech giant Google, to build a BlueTooth enabled system for fast-tracking coronavirus contact tracing.


This system they plan will work on both IOS and Android OS. The system will alert people when they have had contact with persons carrying the virus. This innovation they hope will successfully help health officials with tracing the virus and flattening the curve.


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