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Apple Makes iOS and iPadOS 14 Available For Public Beta Testing, With A Warning

Apple has released iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 for public beta testing. This means that you can download the yet to be released Operating System for a test run on your device.


Apple had announced the new software in June 2020 at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The conference was held entirely virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic that made physical gatherings impossible.


Some of the features which will launch with the OS include: a new widget gallery, an app library, translate app, car play, an improvement in the maps app among many others. Many of the new features have already been available in the Android OS  for some time and iPhone and iPad users had clamoured for them.

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Apple’s head of software, Craig Federighi, had said during the WWDC, “We’re making it even more powerful and easier to use. This year, we spent time rethinking some of the most iconic elements of the experience on iPhone”.


There is a warning though, products in beta testing aren’t the finished products and the iOS 14 public beta might contain bugs. Apple even advises people who still want to use it not to risk installing the iOS 14 public data on their main devices. But instead to install the beta software on a device that isn’t “business critical.”


As the bugs are still relatively unknown, they could cause the device to stop working, which could result in you losing all your data.


The iOS and iPadOS 14 cannot work with all devices too. Your device must be a little recent to support the OS. You can check a list of the devices that support the OS here.


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