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What is Apple Lockdown Mode?

Apple has announced Lockdown Mode, a coming feature that can help iPhone and Mac users ward off spyware attacks. The security that it would pack is said to be able to combat “government-grade” intrusions.

With phrases like “extreme optional protection” thrown about, it seems that the company is taking privacy to a whole different level. Lockdown mode can automatically turn off some device features when activated to protect users.

While it is not limited to some groups, TechCrunch says that the feature could be more important to individuals of interest, such as journalists, activists, and human rights defenders. The media house also mentions that the feature is Apple’s answer to notorious spyware creators such as NSO Group, Candiru, and Cytrox.

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With the ability to compromise privacy, government-backed spyware attacks have posed a problem for smartphone users. Some of these software can access contacts, read messages, and control a phone microphone and camera. Thus, even if the intruder cannot be kicked out, Lockdown Mode will turn off sensitive features.

In addition to this, the feature will be able to stop Apple devices from installing configuration profiles, which can be used to monitor users and download their content. It also has control over wired connections and blocks them when they are to be used for intrusion.

Apple Lockdown Mode will be available on iOS 16, iPadOS, and macOS Ventura.

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