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Apple Is Working On Its Own Search Engine, Here Is What It May Mean For iPhone Users

According to multiple reports, Apple is increasing efforts towards launching its own search engine soon. See what this will mean for iPhone and Mac users, if this happens.


Financial Times claims that the Silicon Valley tech giant, Apple has doubled its efforts on its own search engine. The company is allegedly hiring people who have worked for Google. It is also posting about job vacancies in this same field.


There have been rumours about an Apple search engine for a long time, however, it seems the company is really focusing now on it. Google still remains the default search engine for Apple devices. But, the Alphabet-owned firm is facing constant legal battles. Google’s problems with privacy violation and antitrust behavior is getting more frequent than before.

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This is counterproductive for Apple because it prides itself of privacy. Its new iOS 14 software sheds light on this conflict of interest. It restricts tracking of users and other activities that have been linked to companies like Google, Facebook, TikTok, and others.


Additionally, on iOS 14, Apple uses a web aggregator that works on the search results that iPhone users see. Apple have not said anything about a search engine, but the company is known for keeping a lid on its work in progress until it is ready for launch.


If Apple launches its own search network, then users of its product will use it as a default search engine. Additionally, like Bing is for Microsoft products, so it will be for iPhone and Mac users soon. Also, it will mean that Google will lose many products as well.


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