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Apple is Reportedly Working On A Magnetic Battery Pack Accessory

Apple is developing a new iPhone charging accessory in the form of a battery pack that magnetically attaches to the back of the smartphone using MagSafe according to a Bloomberg report.


Even though some of the prototypes have a rubber exterior, the battery pack isn’t thought to function as a protective case. This is so much unlike the previous Apple iPhone battery accessories. The Bloomberg report also notes that the iPhone lineup is unlikely to receive support for reverse wireless charging in the immediate future.

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According to reports, Apple has been developing the accessory for more than a year. It has also reportedly faced development issues relating to the iPhone’s software thinking that the battery pack is overheating.


According to Bloomberg, Apple is reportedly cautious about announcing charging accessories. This was because it  canceled its AirPower charging mat a year and a half after first announcing it in 2019. If it doesn’t resolve the developmental issues for the battery pack, it could also have to cancel or delay it.


Apart from the new battery pack, Apple is also reportedly planning to allow its devices to charge one another. The company had planned this feature for its 2019 iPhone lineup to be able to wirelessly charge AirPods. However, it scrapped it in the end according to Bloomberg. The functionality is “unlikely in the near future,” Bloomberg reports.



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