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Apple Is Adding Dark Mode To Its New Operating System

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Apple made a number of announcements at its WWDC 2019 conference. One of those is the dark mode that will be coming to the latest version of the Apple iPhone operating system, iOS 13.


The new Dark Mode on iOS 13 will make most of the Apple apps maintain a darker colour scheme. This new setting makes it easier to use your iPhone in darker settings.


Another amazing perk of the dark mode is its ability to add extra time to the iPhone’s battery life. The dark modes will use less power than the bright screen mode. This is great for the latest generation of iPhones with OLED screens.

Apple iPhone iOS 13 dark Mode

The pixels in the OLED screens are turned off in the dark screen mode. This makes it look better on the OLED displays. The mode is expected to look amazing on iPhone XS, iPhone X and iPhone XS Max which have the OLED screens.


However, LCD display phones like the older generation iPhone 8 and below will not turn off the relevant pixels. So the dark mode might look a little more grey-ish on LCD screens.


iOS 13 dark mode


App developers are also encouraged to make the dark mode available in their apps. Twitter already has the dark mode in its app and website for a while now. Google also introduced the mode to its new line of phones earlier in the year.


The iOS 13 is expected out in September 2019 when Apple may be announcing its new iPhone models. The beta version of the iOS 13 is out for developers to use on their apps in time for Apple’s release date.

iOS 13
iOS 13 in Light Mode


iOS 13 in Dark Mode
iOS 13 in Dark Mode

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