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Expect Apple Product Scarcity During Holidays As Foxconn Loses Over 20,000 Workers

It could become harder to buy iPhone 14 during the 2022 holidays as scarcity looms because its supplier, Foxconn, is facing workers exit.

As Aljazeera reported, Foxconn saw about 20,000 of its new workers leave. Although, we heard that these people were not working on the company’s production lines. Yet, this volume would no doubt affect its smooth running.

The factory accounts for 70 per cent of iPhone shipments and anything, such as this, that affects its operation would no doubt affect the trillion-dollar company’s supply.

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Foxconn Admits Pay Error Led To Violent Clashes In China iPhone City.

As we previously reported, situation at Foxconn had gone from bad to worse after its new employees claimed to have been paid lesser than they were promised. They felt that they had been deceived and openly revolted, which led to violent clashes with the police.

It did not help matters that the company had begun implementing some policies to keep COVID infestation low inside its walls. However, all this policy achieved was make living and working conditions poorer.

Foxconn had released a statement that the pay difference was due to a technical error and not an intentional ploy to lie to its workers. In return, it offered to pay workers who wanted to quit the equivalent of two-month wage ($1,400).

Recently, there has been reports that Apple is planning to move a significant portion of its production activities to India to make it less reliant on its Chinese partners. This Foxconn situation proves that the company’s decision is the right one.

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