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Apple iPhone 12 Attains 15W Wireless Charging Speed But Only With A MagSafe Charger

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Apple’s new iPhone 12 can charge at faster wireless charging speeds of 15W which is in line with the most up-to-date Qi standards. However, you must use Apple’s new MagSafe brand of charger or a MagSafe-compatible one from a third-party accessory maker to access those speeds.


The company reintroduced the MagSafe branding for the iPhone in line with announcing its new phone line up. Apple, on its product page, says the MagSafe charge has a new feature in which magnets align themselves perfectly every time for faster wireless charging.

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Additionally, on its tech specs page, it lists speed of 15W for MagSafe charging and 7.5W for standard Qi wireless charging. All the iPhones since the iPhone 8 in 2017 have been able to reach the Qi open standard speeds, however, the MagSafe conditioning means that iPhones can attain charging speeds up to 15W.


However, the company mentions that only its proprietary MagSafe brand can reach those speeds, and not chargers using the general Qi charging standard. This means to enjoy faster charging in the iPhone 12, you need to get the Apple’s MagSafe charger and not a third-party charger.


Any company can make a Magnetic charger with similar speeds, but to access the faster charging speeds and the NFC identification system for recognizing accessories, the company will have to work with Apple. At the moment, the MagSafe charger retails for $39 on Apple’s online store.


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