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Apple Insider Leaks iPhone 12 Launch Date And Other Juicy Company Information

According to online leaks, the iPhone 12 will be launched on 8th September 2020 and this is not all that Apple will be launching on that day.


A report from Forbes quoting an Apple insider, iHacktu, claims that the tech giants will be releasing a new Apple Watch. This will be its sixth generation of watches. Additionally, Apple will launch a new entry-level iPad and AirPower wireless charging mat.


The rumour also claims that Apple has another event planned for 27th October 2020. At this event, it will likely launch new iPad Pros and the first set of Apple Silicon-based Macs. The new Macs are alleged to be MacBook and MacBook Pro.


As we have previously reported, there will likely be four devices under the iPhone 12 line up. Their sizes would vary between 5.4 inches, 6.7 inches and 6.1 inches.

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As for the design, the general consensus is that we are to expect a glass iPhone with a ‘square-edged stainless steel frame. Indian Express claims that its processors will be the A14 chipsets and the first sets that will launch will use 4G network tech while the variants to be released in November will use 5G.


Also, in compliance with the EU mandate, there are suggestions that the iPhone 12 will use Type-C ports. There are also claims that the Pro versions will have 6GB RAM while the regular versions will have 4GB RAM.


In the storage department, there is a bit of inconsistency. Some claim that all iPhone 12 variants will have 128GB of storage and above but some say that there will be versions with 64GB of space.


The battery capacities are a disappointing as there is mention of it coming with either as high as 3,687mAh batteries or as low as 2,227mAh batteries.


As for details about the AirPower wireless charging mat, it is still vague. Apple enthusiasts expect the AirPower wireless charging mat, as rumours inside the company claim, to be able to charge several compatible devices at once by just contact.


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