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Apple Gets Rid Of iTunes, Introduces New Mac OS

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On Monday, 3rd June 2019, Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC19). This was where it announced that its standalone music app, iTunes, would be killed off. This also came as the company, Apple, rolled out new software for Mac OS.


iTunes users, who have been archiving their songs videos and films on the app for years, might soon face with a little inconvenience. Imagine having years and years of an extensive library discarded.


But that won’t be the case. Apple plans something new in its new Mac OS called Catalina. The tech giants redesigned the Music app for Macs to replace the eliminated iTunes.



Download music on the new Apple Mac OS

What Apple has now done is that its users can now have their entire music library inside one app. It will include downloaded songs, ripped songs from CDs and purchased songs. This means that Apple is relaxing on its restriction, and Apple users can now download songs onto their devices.


However, people that want to buy songs can still do so from an iTunes Music Store. Later this year, the Apple TV app will be live on all your Apple devices. That includes the iPhone, Mac PC, iPad and Apple TV.


Apple users can now also watch TV shows through iTunes on the Mac through their Apple TV app. Apple says more than 100,000 iTunes shows and films will now be ported into the Apple TV app so that users can rent and buy.

The App will also have Apple TV channels to stream shows and films from any of your preferred streaming sites or app services. It will also contain Apple’s original streaming service, Apple TV Plus, when it becomes available later in the year.


It is, however, unclear whether the previously purchased films and shows from iTunes will be routed into the Apple TV app.


The Podcasts app on the iPhone will also be a standalone app on the Mac. Apple will offer more than 700,000 shows and an ability to get a notification when a new episode of a user’s favourite show releases.


Also, on Mac’s new Catalina OS, the iTunes app will no longer automatically pop up when you plug in your phone. Instead, you will only just see your device on the sidebar of your PC.


You will, however, still be able to sync your phone with your PC.

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