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Apple Fitness+ Finally Launching Next Week

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Not long ago, Apple introduced a new subscription service, Apple Fitness+. This service is naturally focused on fitness and exercise; and it’s built around the company’s Apple Watch devices. Today, Apple Fitness+ has an official release date, which is December 14, 2020 or next Monday.


Apple Fitness+ offers a variety of exercise routines and workouts, recorded in studios by professional trainers. The workouts integrate with the Apple Watch; so when trainers tell the user to check their heart rate, that information will be highlighted on the watch. There are also some animations and features on the watch to provide some encouragement to users; such as by displaying a countdown during intense intervals so users can see how close they are to finishing.


Apple Fitness+ will be available in the Fitness app for iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV; and it provides users with quick access to workouts. The service allows users to filter workouts by trainer, type, time, or music, and it also provides recommendations based on a user’s training habits. This takes information from previous Fitness+ workouts, the Apple Watch Workout app, and other third-party services linked to the Health app on Apple devices to provide customized recommendations. Because the app is available on multiple Apple platforms, it should be easier for users to follow along with workouts on their preferred screen.

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Apple Fitness+ requires version 14.3 of iOS, iPadOS, or tvOS, as well as watchOS 7.2. On iOS, the Fitness+ tab will appear in the Fitness app automatically; on iPadOS, the Fitness app is available to install on the App Store; and on tvOS, the app will show up automatically after updating to tvOS 14.3.


Pricing is as previously announced – $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year, with support for family sharing with up to six people. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the Apple One Premier tier, which includes Fitness+ along with Apple’s other subscription services and 2TB of iCloud storage for $29.95 per month.



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