Apple Files Lawsuit Against Corellium For Illegally Replicating Apple and iOS Apps

Apple Files Lawsuit Against Corellium For Illegally Replicating Apple and iOS Apps

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Apple is filing a lawsuit against a mobile device virtualisation company called, Corellium. The company which supports iOS boasts of being the first and only platform that offers Android, iOS, and Linus virtualisation of ARM.


The lawsuit accuses Corellium of copyright infringement and illegally replicating the iPadOS, iOS and other Apple apps. Apparently, the company had made commercial illegal replication of copyrighted apps and OS running on Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and other devices. The product by Corellium offers a virtual version of Apple mobile hardware products to anyone using a web browser.


Particularly, Corellium offers perfect digital replicas of a wide range of Apple’s leading devices. However, they do this with no permission or license from Apple. In this regard, Apple says these products infringe on their copyright. The lawsuit reads, “Corellium has simply copied everything: the code, the graphical user interface, the icons — all of it, in exacting detail.”


Apple sues Corellium


Corellium Making iOS Replicas For Profit

Products by Corellium involve digital mimics of iTunes, iOS and user interface elements by Apple. They have made these products available on the web-based platform built by Corellium. In fact, the company confirmed during a conference that its Apple product is an exact copy for iOS. They claim it can allow hackers and researchers to find and test vulnerabilities.


Apple says Corellium poses its product as a research tool. Nevertheless, they are hoping to make a profit from the obvious infringement. The American tech giant company added that the company was encouraging users to sell discovered information on the open market to the highest bidder. However, Apple says it is not trying to get in the way of good research. But instead, it is looking to end “unlawful commercialisation of Apple’s valuable copyrighted works.”


Apple is now going further to seek a permanent injunction to prevent Corellium from continuing to offer a product that replicates the iOS. They also want the company to dispose of all infringing materials that it has collected and pay damages to Apple.


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