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Apple Employees Allegedly Working On Language Generating AI


  • According to reports, Apple is experimenting with language generating AI technology.
  • Apple has already been using AI technology in its products such as smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, TVs, etc. 
  • Experts believe that language generating AI could help improve Siri but it is not clear whether the company is building its own model or partnering with a company like OpenAI or Google.


According to a report by New York Times, Apple is entering the language generating AI space as several teams are said to be experimenting with the technology.


Of course, the iPhone maker has been leveraging on AI for a long time, even though it is not as obvious as the ChatGPT-led types.


For example, the company’s latest chips powering its smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, TVs, and so on leverage artificial intelligence to perform some of its cutting-edge functions.


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Things like better suggestions on the keyboard, processing in photography, mask unlocks with Face ID, separation of objects from the background across the system, handwashing and crash detection are just a few ways the company has been using AI under our noses.


Apple crash detection
Apple crash detection tech possibly use AI. Image Source: Mashable.


However, language generating AI may be useful to improve Siri and take it to the next level. Since the smart assistant launched, many experts have confirmed that it appears to have been stagnant.


Although, Apple is not expected to confirm anything until it is ready to do so, there are speculations that one of the areas large language models (LLM) can be useful is making Siri identify more accents and soon, more languages.


For now, it is not clear if the company is building its own model from scratch or partnering with OpenAI, Google, or a lesser known company. Knowing Apple, it will opt to buy a startup that has the technology it needs and continue building in-house or have a team dedicated to building a model.


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