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Apple Closes More Stores And Offer Sales Incentive According To Reports

Apple is closing more stores in the United States while offering more sales incentives in the process according to reports. Bloomberg claims that it has closed eight stores within the week, because of the growing Omicron virus.

Apple is giving away free 2-hour delivery on some Apple Store products | iMore

Interstingly it reports says the tech company closes a store when its staffs have 10 percent or more testing positive for COVID-19. Alonside the closure, Apple is offering two-hour delivery in “most metro areas” for free.

This sales incentive would last till Christmas Eve, it would reduce crowds at its various stores and enhance convenience. The tech company also has other incentives like next-day delivery, express delivery and curbside pickup. Apple is delaying the reopening of its corporate offices. Workers were en route to resume their offices on February 1st, but that isn’t certain anymore.

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Its Southlake Texas retail store and three other stores has been hit by the Covid-19 outbreak. News Outlet NBC Says 22 Southlake store staff have tested positive for the global virus, and precisely 4 staff had the virus shortly after Black Friday.

Apple Design Teams Develop Special Face Masks for Employees - Bloomberg

Apple is constantly monitoring local health data in determining the stores that it will reopen or reclose. All the reopened stores also require that staff and customers wear masks. Since it is closing more stores, the tech company has created faster means of getting their products to customers. The holidays are coming fast and strong, sales have to follow that trend.



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