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Apple Asked To Pay $50 Million Ransom After Supplier Suffers Attack

According to reports, Apple has been targeted in a $50 million ransomware attack. This is the aftermath of the theft of engineering and manufacturing schematics of current and future products from Quanta, a Taiwanese company that manufactures MacBooks and other products for Apple.


The Record had initially reported the attack. The attack was carried out by a Russian hacking group, REvil, known by the name. The group had started posting the stolen images on 20th April 2021. The timing coincides with Apple’s latest “Spring Loaded” event. It’s posting of the images is a result of Quanta refusing to pay a  $50 million ransom for the data.

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The group behind the attack now hopes it can get Apple itself to pay up by 1st May 2021 with a promise to continue to post new images from the leak daily until it does. the leak is legitimate as Quanta itself confirms the compromise on its systems.


The company in a statement to Bloomberg, said: “Quanta Computer’s information security team has worked with external IT experts in response to cyberattacks on a small number of Quanta servers”. It also says “there’s no material impact on the company’s business operation” as a result of the hack.


Although the company commented on the real extent of the leak, the images leaked by REvil so far include schematics for Apple’s just-revealed iMac redesign. As recently as yesterday, that document hadn’t been seen by anyone outside of the Apple ecosystem.


On nearly every page of the schematics, you can find the warning; “This is the property of Apple and it must be returned”. The warning also specifies that the documents are not to be reproduced, copied, or published.


Also, the manufacturing diagrams for Apple’s already-released 2020 M1 MacBook Air refresh and another unreleased laptop that features additional ports in line with the existing rumors for the upcoming laptop refresh from Apple feature in the leak.




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