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Apple Announces New iPod Touch

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Apple has a new product, and it is an update to the iPod touch. This gadget will bring back old memories and help you create new ones. The new iPod touch pretty much looks like the old one. It has the classic home button and different colour options. It also has a four-inch display just like before.


However, the new touch update will have an A10 Fusion system-on-a-chip which was a technology introduced with the iPhone 7. This could mean that it will perform more or less like the iPhone 7. It also supports the latest iOS12 and will now let you launch the AR Kit apps on it and start FaceTime group conversations. These were tasks the A8 could not perform.

iPod Touch 2019

This revelation surprised many because the iPod touch had not been updated in four years. But Apple has continued to remain unpredictable by not revealing a new phone yet.


With the new updates the latest smartphones have gotten this year, iPhone users have been anticipating a new smartphone.


However, Apple has instead introduced a new film streaming service, payment service and even a new set of wearable devices.


This new iPod Touch, apart from its lack of cellular capabilities, also does not support Face ID and Touch ID. This would not do much for users who have now gone past the era of typing in passwords. To make up for it, Apple has gifted users with a headphone jack at the bottom of the device.

iPad touch 2019


The three models of the Apple iPod touch being released are also considerably cheaper. The 32GB sells at $199. The 128 GB goes for $299, and the 256GB will go for $399. They are available in six different colours – they are Pink, Red, Space Grey, Silver, Gold and Blue. These are the same colours the sixth generation offered.


It’s a great device for people who don’t want the burden of owning a smartphone but want to take advantage of a small smart device. It can also be used as a music player when connected to speakers for house parties and the likes. See, not totally useless.

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