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Apple delays iOS 14 privacy measures

Apple Announces Delay Of New Privacy Measures Scheduled For iOS 14

Apple has announced that it is delaying the implementation of new privacy measures which were designed to stop apps and websites tracking people online without their permission on iOS 14.


This means that apps will need to ask a user’s permission to access the ad-tracking ID on an iPhone or iPad. Apple had planned to introduce the measures with its iOS 14 update this year.


Apple says the delay until 2021 is to give app developers and websites time to adapt to the changes. Facebook had protested that the policy could make one of its advertising tools ineffective. It said the measure would make the tool ‘so ineffective on iOS 14 that it may not make sense to offer it on iOS’.

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Apple devices have a unique ID known as the “identifier for advertisers” (IDAF). The IDAF is used to help apps monitor the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Facebook said it will not collect users’ IDAF on iOS 14, alleging that Apple forced it to make that decision.


iOS 14 is set for launch publicly later in 2020. Apps will have to be transparent about what data they collect and how they track people in Apple’s App Store.


Another security feature that launches with iOS 14 is that it highlights when an app copies user information on the user’s clipboard. The feature has forced TikTok, LinkedIn, and Reddit to apologise and make changes after catching them unawares.


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