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Apple Active Devices Reaches 2 Billion!

Summary: Apple announced that it reached 2 billion active devices in December 2022, including iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watch and other hardware. Meanwhile, its Q4 earnings report missed revenue expectations, with iPhone and other product sales revenue bringing lower than expected. Only iPad and services revenue exceeded expectations during the quarter.


Apple has revealed that it crossed 2 billion active devices in December 2022 while giving announcing its Q4 earnings report. These devices include iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watch, and its other hardware.


Apple devices
Apple devices. Image Source: Macworld.


Apple’s growth has been impressive seeing that the company had only 1 billion active devices in 2016. The Verge notes that its 2021 record sale had been instrumental in taking it to a new level. Just last year, Apple had 1.8 billion active devices, which means that it added 200,000 new ones in 2022.


Of course, this news does not necessarily mean that 2 billion people around the world are using Apple devices as one person could have multiple of these products.


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When compared to its competitor, the Android, the iPhone maker is still some paces behind. Back in 2021, Google had said that there were already 3 billion active Android devices. Noting that the company was only counting devices that use its Play Store, and thus excluding Chinese devices, the number could be way higher.


Apple’s report on Thursday missed revenue expectations and according to Tim Cook, the company’s head, the production issues it faced while making the iPhone 14 Pro models contributed to its poor results. It also mentioned the macroeconomic situation plaguing all tech companies.


Only on Apple - Services - Apple
Apple services revenue in Q4 2022 beat analysts expectations.


iPhone sales, which were expected to bring in $68.29 billion only brought in $65.78 billion, and other products’ revenue of $13.48 billion was lesser than the expected $15.23 billion. However, iPad revenue beat expectations and so did its service revenue. In total, the company brought in $117.15 billion against the expected $121.10 billion estimate by analysts, representing a decline of 5.49%.


According to CNBC, the company has slowed hiring to cut cost but it is not thinking about layoffs, at least not yet. Recall that its CEO even took a compensation cut for 2023.


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