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Android’s New Update Now Available On All Google Pixel Devices

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On 13th March 2019, Google released the beta version of the Android Q to developers. This version, which is for developers only, is expected to bring better privacy controls and support for foldable phones.

The additional privacy setting for location access is one of the major changes to the Android Q. It will let users limit apps to only get this information while the app is in use. Google is also putting new limits on the access apps will get to your photos, videos, audio and any other downloaded files on devices.

The Pixels 2, 2 XL, 3 and 3 XL are the phones you can install the new OS on. Google is also stretching support all the way back to the original Pixels, but they advise avoiding installing it on any other devices. The installation process for the new operating system is easy. However, it will be safe to go back to the more stable version of Android 9 Pie if any installation problems are encountered.

If you use the Google Pixel phone, here are the steps to take to download the Android Q beta version.

First, you will need to back up your device. Go to your settings, navigate to “System” and hit “Backup.” This screen will tell you if your phone is set to back up its data. If the setting is on, it will inform you when you last backed up your phone. If this feature is turned off, turn it on.

The back up is necessary in case something goes wrong with the installation. If the beta version of the Android Q goes wrong, then you can always go back to reinstall the Android 9 Pie. Please note that even when you back up your data, errors can still occur when downgrading your software, so things might not feel the same again.

Google lets Pixel owners enrol on the beta version by simply logging on with their Google account, selecting the compatible device and the installing. An over-the-air update would automatically download on the phone.

Once enrolled, you’ll get an update notification on the enrolled device that a system update is ready. With a strong internet connection, the update may take up to 24 hours, according to Google. As new Android Q developer previews come out, you’ll get a notification to install them, just like a regular system update.

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