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Google Android Fingerprint

Android Users Can Now Log In To Google Services Without A Password

Android users will now be able to sign in to some Google services using just their fingerprints. The feature means phones running on the Android 7 or later will not need to type in a password on some Google services. The feature will also mean users will be able to log in using any method they have set up to unlock their phone. This could be pin, patterns or security codes.


Presently Google lets Android users authenticate Google Pay purchases and log into apps with their fingerprints. However, with the new update, users will have the ability to use their fingerprints to log into Google web services through the Chrome browser. Google also makes it possible for users to edit saved passwords on a designated site.


Google Android Fingerprint

Google also explains that they intend to add more of its cloud services to this functionality. This is as users can authenticate their passwords with their fingerprints on this designated site. Google does this not just to make it easier for users to log into their accounts but to also create a more secure system.


Sign In To Google Services With Fingerprint

Passwords can be susceptible to vulnerabilities and are not the most secure. Therefore, Google is creating a really secured method as credentials stored locally on the device cannot be hacked and are impossible to phish. The password manager and the two-factor authentication already helps prevent a lot of the vulnerability. However, this is an even more efficient method.


Users can now visit on the Chrome app on their devices to try out the new tool. The service lets users manage all of the passwords the Chrome browser has saved. Google will allow users access saved passwords when they authenticate on the website using their fingerprints. Although, this will only work when you have your Google Account added on the Android device.

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