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Android Go now powers 250 million devices

Android Go now powers 250 million devices around the world, according to a Google announcement. The lite version of the operating system, created for low-budget smartphones, got its Android 13 update, which may change a lot of things.

The latest OS offers several features like a Material You system that allows users choose colour schemes based on their wallpaper. Although the feature existed in the regular version of Android 12, it had been missing in the Go variant.

In addition, there will be streamlined Google Play System Updates system, that lets your device stay up to date without taking much space and requiring a complete activity-stopping update duration.

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However, one notable change in Google’s support for lesser powerful smartphones is that going forward, devices will need to have up to 2GB RAM and 16GB memory space to run Android Go. Before now, the limit was 1GB RAM, which the company required for devices looking to use Android 11 and 12 Go versions.

Android Go powers 250 million devices, Android 13 Go launches
Four images of phones showing the Material You UI and wallpaper color theming on Android Go devices. Image Source: Google.

This change is kind of two-fold: it could mean that even low-range smartphones would begin offering better performances or it could signal the need for manufacturers to seek alternatives.

Google says that budget phones fitted with Android 13 Go from the onset will start appearing in markets in 2023. The OS is touted to pack a lot of similar features like the regular version, including notification permissions and changing language of individual apps.

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