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Android 14 Security To Include Blocking Outdated Apps

Android 14 could offer a new security measure that automatically blocks user from installing outdated apps. The OS has a release date of August 2023, but there have been lots of interests in the features it will introduce.


The guidelines of the Google Play Store have been in place for a considerable amount of time, ensuring that Android developers maintain their apps by implementing the latest features and security measures of the Android platform.


It even updated the rules to ensure that apps are developed with Android 12 operating system in mind. Yet, what has happened is that several developers, for whatever reason, continue to ship old apps. And because Google only stops these old apps from being installed by new users via its app store, developers offer them a way to sideload the APK file manually.


Google Play Store
Google Play Store. Image Source: TechCrunch.


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In addition to this, those who have once installed such apps before, can continue finding them on the store.


So, what the company is planning to do is tighten the API requirements of Android 14. First, it will prevent installation of outdated apps, blocking users from sideloading APK files. It will also be impossible to download the apps from Google Play Store.


The ban will initially only affect apps targeting old Android versions but it will later be raised to Android 6.0. In the future, it will increase the threshold.


Google Pixel Android 13
Google Pixel with Android 13. Image Source:


While part of the reason for this update is to give users the best experience while using their Android phones, another reason is to prevent malware-carrying apps that could be downloaded from bootleg sites and other fishy locations.


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