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Andela Opens Door To Experienced Developers

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African software developer’s development company Andela recently announced its intention to recruit mid-level and senior software developers. The company, largely known for its recruitment of young developers, subsequently launched a new campaign.


The campaign, called ‘The Power of X’, will extend its operations to other parts of Africa to meet client needs.


Andela has made it a tradition over the years to employ entry-level developers which they train in their boot camp programme. They go through a four-year fellowship where they get an understanding of all the departments and workings of the company. They are subsequently trained in different teams of the company’s clients.


Andela Nigeria Country Director, Omowale David – Ashiru
Andela Nigeria Country Director, Omowale David-Ashiru


The young recruits may then stay back to become trainer or senior developers to the incoming batches. And on and on it goes. Since then, the company received outpouring requests from potential employees. These people already have some experience but Andela cannot employ as entry-level developers.


Andela saw a need to expand its frontiers in the continent by opening its doors to more advanced developers. They now plan to hire about 500 more people in the senior/mid-level roles by the end of 2019. This number, they hope to double to 1,000 by 2020.


Andela Nigeria Country Director, Omowale David-Ashiru said at the launch:

“We are excited to be part of the first generation of limitless software engineers in Africa who will play a significant role in transforming the future of technology, which we hope will be central to Africa’s economic development.”


“At Andela, we expect our Software Engineers to gain the skills, experiences and networks that will enable them to become innovators and tech leaders in Africa. And we are excited to now open up our recruitment funnel to diversify and enhance our talent pool.”


The company tagged the new expansion plan to recruit more experienced developers the ‘Software Engineers to The Power of X’ campaign.


Power of X Campaign


Andela is now accepting applications from experienced software engineers who have expertise in Python (Django or Flask), Javascript (React, Node, ES6+, Angular), Ruby and Native Mobile Technology for Android and iOS.


David-Ashiru explains that,

“Andela’s value proposition is that our engineers work on global problems, within global teams, and are connected to the best engineering community in Africa. By this, we are empowering people to grow exponentially and accelerate their careers.”


Community leader at Andela, Babajide Durosola revealed earlier in the year that the company intended to use the $100 million funding it got to this end. This he said during the ForLoop Lagos Summit held in March. He explained that Andela had been able to impact 23,000 African with its present programmes. It will soon open applications for senior developers.


Are you a senior or mid-level developer looking to join Andela? Apply here.

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