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America Says 5G Is Safe, Should We Believe That?

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Federal Communications Commission (FCC) officials in America are saying that 5G is safe. They also say that the rules regulating radio emissions can presently accommodate it. The chairman of FCC, Ajit Pai, said they will not make any stricter rules for 5G technology. All these come amidst strong evidence that the 5G radio waves are dangerous.


The frequency of radio waves used for 4G is significantly lower than that used by 5G radio waves. But they say they remain in the radio spectrum that does not damage human DNA. They call this sort of radiation non-ionising radiation. The officials also say the higher-frequency 5G emissions are currently less energetic than visible light.


However, the experts from America explain that the 5G airwave would probably be on the same frequency of safety as those used for 3G or 4G. They say it is safe to use devices that support the use of 5G and have pretty much certified it safe for use. The experts say the emission standards currently in operation in the country are strict enough to determine when the radio emission can become a problem.


FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai


A properly functioning 5G device has now been certified safe for use. But there are a lot of health risks that have been associated with many emerging technologies. In earlier reports, United States Meteorologists have expressed concerns that the weather satellites could be disrupted by 5G data networks. They believe that it could potentially cause a delay in the reporting of important weather information.


However, it does seem like the FCC is discarding this concern, especially as the meteorologists raised the concern with the commission in June 2019. As new gadgets that support 5G continue to emerge, the risks will probably continue to be brought to light.

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