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Amazon workers Germany

Amazon Workers In Germany To Strike Over New Coronavirus Infections

Amazon workers in Germany will embark on a strike today 29th June 2020 over new coronavirus infections at the company’s sites. Workers at six sites plan to participate in the strike.


Union officials told Reuters reporters that dozens of staff at its logistics centers have been infected with the coronavirus. The union says Amazon is prioritising profits over workers’ safety. The labor union, Verdi, says the strike would last at least 48 hours, with the motto ‘Good and healthy work’.


The union will also denounce what it believes is a lack of transparency by Amazon after workers tested positive for COVID-19.


“We have information that at least 30 to 40 colleagues were infected,” Verdi representative Orhan Akman said. The sites affected are in Leipzig, Bad Hersfeld, Rheinberg, Werne, and Koblenz.

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Amazon has refuted the accusations claiming to have invested $4 billion on measures to protect its workforce and clients from the risk of COVID-19 infections as of June 2020.


A German Amazon spokesman told Reuters that since February 2020, the company has ordered 470 million hand disinfection bottles and 21 million pairs of gloves. This is in addition to 19 million masks and other face protection gear and 39 million boxes of disinfectant wipes.


Amazon warehouse workers in the US have recently staged protests over unsafe working conditions. Some even left the job in several cities. The workers claim the company did not notify them when their colleagues tested positive for the coronavirus.


This month, three Amazon warehouse workers in New York also sued the company. In the suit, they are alleging the company put them and their families at risk of contracting the virus.


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