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Amazon Will Put 1,000 Mini-Warehouses In US Neighbourhoods For Same-Day Deliveries

In a bid to meetup with same-day deliveries, Amazon plans to put 1,000 mini-warehouses in cities and neighbourhoods in the US. The company had also started testing drone-deliveries as well.


According to a Bloomberg report, these Amazon mini-warehouses will grow to 1,500. It will help make reaching customers with deliveries a lot easier and quicker.


During the early part of the pandemic in 2020, Amazon had seen how difficult it was to service customers who want deliveries the same day. In fact, the demands kept the company hiring more and more worker.

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As expected, sales will pick up as the holiday season approaches. And it would want to match the same-day capabilities that rivals such as Walmart and Target have. Reports claim that Amazon has recently opened these warehouses in Holyoke and Massachusetts.


With many of them around the people, Amazon would likely change its two-day policy to people in the US to same-day. Jeff Bezos is investing heavily in making sure that the mini-warehouses are ready and operational by this year’s holiday period.


The company has seen a strong year in terms of profit and it continues to grow. It currently has over a million employees and will be adding more later this year.


Thus, people who live in the United States should be prepared to see several Amazon small delivery hubs popping up around them. It is surely on the right track to outdo its revenue in 2019 with this latest development.


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