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Amazon Web Services opens new office in Johannesburg

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the opening of a new office in Johannesburg, South Africa, via a press release. As a local media outlet reported, the American multi-faceted company released a statement to explain its strategies and plans.

Amazon says that the new office will support the flourishing cloud market in the country and service all types of businesses, including startups, enterprises, and public sector agencies.

It marks an increased investment from the trillion-dollar company. A TechCabal report claims that this is the second AWS office in the city after it unveiled the first one back in 2015.

The interest is not just strategic but sentimental, as the cloud service was birthed in Cape Town by a South African genius named Chris Pinkham. He is also credited for creating the first commercial internet service provider, The Internetworking Company of Southern Africa (Ticsa), in 1993.

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With Pinkham and his team of engineers being responsible for AWS’ first product, elastic compute cloud (or EC2), the company recognises what the country has to offer.

“Johannesburg offers an incredible talent pool of highly skilled and creative people. It is home to many notable South African enterprises leading the way in digital innovation as well as fast-growing startups,” Chris Erasmus, AWS country manager, said.

The hope across the board is that the company is in the driver’s seat to accelerate digital transformation in South Africa and provide the necessary products when people start buying them.

Amazon is also planning to build its African headquarters in South Africa, but the land mass that it needs to erect its complex structure is the issue. The company had to pause construction due to protests that it was doing so on sacred land.

With AWS paving the way, the larger Amazon corporation may find its way into Africa to start providing the same kind of service that its customers in other parts of the world have been enjoying for over a decade.

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