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Amazon reveals a fully autonomous warehouse robot

Amazon has announced a fully autonomous warehouse robot that can carry out menial tasks like moving and dropping large carts. The robots, named Proteus, is likely a solution to the company’s increasing labour problems.

Although, to assure labour authorities, the company has said that it is not looking to replace human workers with robots.

This is not Amazon’s first attempt at creating a robot to reduce its utter dependence on human workers. However, Proteus robots stands out because of its mobility. It is supposed to be able to safely move through warehouses with human employees going about their duties as well.

Before now, what the retail giant had were robots that needed to be kept in separate caged areas to avoid accidents and collisions.

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According to Amazon, these robots have advanced perception and navigation systems that make it possible for them to move around safely. When a human is in their path, the robot stops moving until their path is clear again.

Besides Proteus, there is also the Cardinal robots that are basically robotic arms to aid listing packages that weigh up to 50 pounds or there about.

Also coming is an improved barcode scanner technology that may replace the handheld one that workers use. The new tech is a camera system that recognises packages as soon as workers stand in from of it. Here is a video of the robot at work:

Besides the concern that robots could take people’s jobs, there is also the worry that adding robots to the mix could mean that Amazon would be setting unrealistic targets for worker. The company has only said that the robots are to help reduce activities like moving carts around, reducing the need for workers to lift and twist heavy packages, and having to climb or bend to reach items.

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