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Amazon launches AR-powered shoes try-on feature

Amazon customers can now try on shoes before they buy them online with a new AR-powered feature available only to iOS users in the US and Canada.

Its a way to say goodbye to buying shoes that don’t fit and it works with popular brands like New Balance, Adidas, Reebok, and others.

First, you will need to either scan the QR code on the website or search “Virtual Try On” on the mobile app. Then, all a customer needs to do is point their camera at their feet using the Amazon iOS app and they can see how the show looks on them. Surprisingly, the e-commerce giants says that you cannot use the feature to determine size, which defeats the purpose for many people.

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Traditionally, shoe sizes may differ by brand, type and location. Thus, it would have been a great addon if the Amazon AR-powered try-on feature also considered size.

Nevertheless, it is still good for combination tries and many seasoned shopper have no problem picking out their shoe sizes by correctly listed specifications.

Amazon says that the feature is coming to Android phones soon and only accessible by iPhone 7 or newer iPhones.

This latest announcement adds to the growing list of features available on Amazon in-app augmented reality tech launched in 2017. The tech has been able to show how furniture fits in a space, how makeup product looks on a customer’s face, how hair styles and hair colours match, and more.

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