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Amazon Is Using AI To Monitor Its Drivers And They Have No Choice

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Amazon is now using AI to monitor the performance of its drivers after installing machine learning-powered surveillance cameras in its delivery vans earlier this year. Its employees also have no choice as it’s telling them to either agree to surveillance by AI or lose their jobs.


Vice reports that Amazon delivery drivers in the US now have to sign “biometric consent” forms to keep their jobs with the company. The information collected also seems to vary based on what surveillance equipment installed in any given van, and Amazon’s privacy policy covers a wide range of data.


The AI-powered cameras are built by tech firm Netradyne into its delivery vans. They record “100% of the time” and are to identify dangerous behavior, like yawning or checking their phone. With real-time feedback, they can then tell a driver to take a break or keep their eyes on the road.

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Some of the drivers regard the cameras were an “invasion of privacy. “We are out here working all day, trying our best already. The cameras are just another way to control us,”  22-year-old driver, Henry Search, told the Thomas Reuters Foundation.


Vice also reports that drivers have simply refused to sign. “It’s a heart-breaking conversation when someone tells you that you’re their favorite person they have ever worked for, but Amazon just micromanages them too much,” an owner of one Amazon delivery company said.


Amazon earlier this year had said that it’s using AI to improve safety. “We are investing in safety across our operations; and recently started rolling out industry-leading camera-based safety technology across our delivery fleet. This technology will provide drivers real-time alerts to help them stay safe when they are on the road,” an Amazon spokesperson said.



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