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Amazon Introduces Halo, Its Smartwatch That Tracks Your Emotional State

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Amazon has announced its entrance into the wearables market with a wristband for health and fitness tracking called Halo. The company also launched a subscription service and smartphone app for the device.


Apart from fitness tracking, the Amazon Halo has a feature that tracks a user’s emotional state. The device does this by listening to the tone of the user’s voice. It also has another feature that provides a three-dimensional rendering of the user’s body providing a reading for their estimated body fat percentage.


Amazon says it had spent several years preparing. Melissa Cha, a vice president at Halo, says the company’s expertise around machine learning and computer vision was adequate preparation, but it requires a whole new set of hires to expand into health.

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“We did a global search to find the best experts. We found cardiologists, fitness experts, and people who had spent their careers researching sleep and wellness,” she said.


The company says it is committed to privacy. It pledges not to use the insights from the new devices to sell health-related products to its users. It, however, says it is an avenue for it to learn about its users’ health habits and gather feedback along the way.


The Amazon Halo has quite a simple design with no screen, LED lights, and two microphones. The device comes in different styles and is meant to be kept on all the time according to Cha. The device is water-resistant for either shower or swimming. It also has multiple sizes available for women with slender wrists.


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