Amazon Hardware Event Is Happening On September 28th This Fall

Amazon Hardware Event Is Happening On September 28th This Fall

Amazon new hardware event date is set for September 28th at 12 PM eastern time and 9 AM Pacific time. The company says there will be news about their latest Amazon devices, features, and services.

The company has a rich line of hardware in its arsenal, the likes of the popular Echo speakers, ring cameras, Loop rings, Frames glasses and drones. Amazon’s seems to be physical without any live stream announced yet.

Amazon recently updated its Fire Tv streaming hardware with the Fire TV Stick 4K Max. The streaming device has an improved Wi-Fi 6 connection and a faster processor for performance. Interestingly, all of this is available for just $55.

Preorders are currently available for the stick, with a delivery date of October 7th. The Fire TV stick is extremely popular in the United States. Another plus for Amazon is the streaming device Energy Star certification.

The global certification is ba

The e-commerce company has joined the saturated TV space with its own Fire Omni and 4-Series TVs. These are branded 4K fire TVs, with “Amazon-built “in according to the E-commerce giants. Both TVs are ultra 4k HDR-capable with Amazon’s smart Fire TV interface.

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The goal here is to have an integrated and seamless interface between its Fire TV software and the physical TVs. This is a typical example of TCL’s TVs and its Roku TV interface, known as the best in the market.

The 4-Series TVs are a budget lineup with the picture in picture mode for checking smart home cameras. They easily pair with Amazon’s own Ring doorbell technology. Its highest specification, the 55-inch costs $520 while its lowest the 43-inch costs $370.

Amazon Just Launched Its Own Alexa-Powered 4K TVs!

Unlike the 4-series TV, the Fire Omini TVs are the premium lineup of Amazon’s new TVs. They are equipped with hands-free control and far superior image quality. Instead of using remotes for its virtual assistants, this TV relies on its far-field microphones.


The Fire Omini most expensive model the 75-inch costs $1,100 and its cheapest model, the 43-inch model costs just $410. Sadly, despite their pricey tags, they don’t support the latest HDMI 2.1 features like 4k resolution at 120Hz.

Amazon enters TV market with Fire TV Omni and 4-Series sets – MobileSyrup

Both the 4-series and Omini series TV has a High Dynamic Range (HDR) in the form of HDR10. However, only the 65 and 75 inches of the Omini series ship with Dolby Vision; Netflix’s most popular HDR.

Amazon looks to fully get into your living space with its Amazon TVs, Fire TV Sticks, Speakers, Prime Video streaming service and Alexa virtual assistant. Now that’s a smart home setup.

We would let you know if Amazon is making any changes to its hardware event. This article would be updated with the live stream link if the hardware event goes virtual.



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