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Amazon Employees In Germany To Go On Strike Again

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Employees at an Amazon warehouse in Germany have been encouraged to go on strike. This would be the second time in a week. Verdi, a Berlin-based trade union, spearheading the move wants to disrupt the Black Friday sales with the strike.


In the first strike, nearly 500 workers staged a three-day walkout between Thursday and Saturday to voice their concerns. The next strike is scheduled for Monday night and will last until Tuesday night. Germany is the second-largest market in the world for Amazon, next only to US. And Verdi has been championing strikes in the country since 2013. This time Verdi wants the Seattle firm to recognize collective bargaining regulations that apply to retail workers at other companies.

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A spokesperson for Amazon in defence said the firm offered excellent wages and benefits as well as safe working conditions, and its salaries are comparable to its competitors in the region. Amidst the coronavirus, Amazon has enjoyed a spike in sales, as consumers have resorted to shopping online now more than ever because of the coronavirus. Verdi believes that this creates grounds for better wages, strongly asserting that Amazon needs to do more to protect front-line workers from COVID-19.


On Thanksgiving, Amazon announced that its workers in the US would receive holiday bonuses with the caveat that they work from December 1 to December 31. Employees working full-time will receive a one-time bonus payment of $300, while part-time employees will be given $150.


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