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Good News: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos May Be Distributing COVID-19 Test Kits Worldwide

Recent reports about Jeff Bezos have suggested that the world’s richest man may be sending out COVID-19 test kits around the world soon. While there is no direct statement credited to the billionaire, there is ample evidence to support the claim.


One such evidence is an Instagram post of a chat between himself and the Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.


Along with posting the video-call, Bezos mentioned some of the moves his company, Amazon has been making to support authorities battling with the pandemic. He wrote:


“Our current work with WHO includes: increasing capacity and security for the WHO website; providing ML [machine learning] & AI for WHO’s Epidemic Intelligence from Open Sources initiative; assisting with the translation and transcription of WHO’s knowledge catalogue; providing logistics support.”

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The AI for WHO’s Epidemic Intelligence that Bezos mentions will likely assist in tracing the COVID-19 spread worldwide. Meanwhile, while not clearly stated, the logistics support could entail the distribution of WHO supplies.


To further give people a beacon of hope, Jeff Bezos further revealed:


“We also discussed the urgent need for collective action to produce and distribute plentiful COVID-19 test kits. A surplus of fast, effective, easy-to-access test kits would flatten the curve and protect people around the world. I told Dr. Tedros we will continue to help WHO in every way we can in the coming weeks and months.”


The concluding part of his post has led many to conclude that Jeff Bezos will be contributing COVID-19 test kits. However, there is no detail yet on which countries will be getting it first. This is still good news as it means that testing across the world will speed up.


Although, Amazon has agreed to deliver home test kits in the UK for faster testing and results. Also, despite about 10 warehouse workers already testing positive for COVID-19, the company is not shutting down operations. In fact, it cannot afford to do so as it is the major source of essentials for many people around the world.


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