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Amazon Alexa Will Now Be Available In Luxurious Lamborghini Cars

Amazon stated that as part of what it will announce at the ongoing Customer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas in 2020, Alexa will now be available on Lamborghini and Rivian cars.


Alexa is Amazon’s voice assistant like Siri is to Apple, Bixbi to Samsung and Google Assistant is to Google. Designed initially for Amazon’s smart speaker, it spread to other devices. In January 2019, the company claimed that it sold over 100 million Alexa-supported devices.


Also, in 2017, it made its way into the new models of Ford, Audi, BMW and Toyota. On Monday, 6th January 2020, the new Huracan Evo sports car from Automobili Lamborghini will feature Alexa.


Amazon Alexa Lamborghini 
Huracan Evo Lamborghini 


The company also mentioned that the assistant will be able to automatically pay for gas bills at Exxon and Mobil stations.


All Rivian R1S and R1T electric trucks coming out in 2020 will come with the software. Rivian car company is also building electric Amazon delivery vans that will have Alexa. It will offer its wide range of services from playing music, reading the news as well as its navigation services.


Amazon Alexa Rivian
Rivian electric truck
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Speaking on this recent innovation, vice president of Alexa Auto Ned Curic said:


“Our vision is for Alexa to become a natural, intuitive part of the driving experience, and Lamborghini has embraced that by integrating Alexa directly into its onboard infotainment systems,


“The integration will enable Lamborghini owners to enjoy the convenience of an intelligent voice service while focusing on the joy of the Lamborghini driving experience, and we expect it to set a new standard for in-car voice experiences when it ships this year.”


Besides the above, Volkswagen and General Motors had also made Alexa a full part of their product line.


Amazon Alexa is clearly stamping its mark on the car voice assistant market. However, it is not alone in this field and faces possible opposition from other tech giants.


Google Assistant is also available in the Volvo line of cars that support the Android OS.


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