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All Your Questions On NBC-Owned Peacock Streaming Service Answered

NBCUniversal, one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies, recently mentioned that it is launching Peacock as its own video-on-demand platform.


Peacock will be available by 15th July 2020.


However, before it launches, here are answers to popular questions you may have about Peacock. Consumers Advocate was instrumental in providing these concise answers. They also keep viewers up to date with their Best TV Streaming Services Guide.

1. Is Peacock a startup or was it an acquired business?

While it is not unusual for big businesses to buy and take over smaller startups, it is not the case here. Peacock is neither a startup nor an acquired business. Instead, it is a streaming service that NBCUniversal created. Comcast also subsidises it as well.

2. What are Peacock’s major rivals in the streaming industry?

Peacock enters an already crowded industry. The streaming industry is one that has many key players already. Peacock’s main rivals in the streaming space will naturally be Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. NBC actually has a couple of big shows on Hulu and Netlfix (like The Office and Parks & Rec), but they have already stated they will be pulling them out in order to place them on their Peacock platform.


Showing that NBC Universal recognizes the challenge and is meeting it heads on.

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3. In which locations can one access Peacock services?

There is no information yet available to answer this question. However, those running the service will have to inform interested users soon. For example, Netflix can be accessed in about 190 countries while Amazon Prime Video claims to be serving customers in 200 countries.

4. Who heads or runs the Peacock business?

Leadership is expected to be under Bonnie Hammer, current chairman of NBC Universal Cable. NBC recently underwent a structural reorganization in preparation for the release of their Peacock service, and now have an NBCUniversal Direct-to-Consumer and Digital Enterprises division which is also headed by Bonnie Hammer.


Bonnie Hammer of NBCUniversal will likely run Peacock. Photo: Getty Image.

5. How to use the Peacock streaming service

Not much is known about the specific details of use, but Peacock is expected to offer several tiers of service, including one without any ads, for a reported $10 a month. But its main emphasis will be serving up ads alongside videos to the widest possible audience–a freemium strategy not unlike YouTube.


That means it will likely offer a free version to US residents when it launches, as well as one that has more content, and perhaps fewer ads, for $5 a month. But that “paid” version would also be free to Comcast’s 20 million pay-TV subscribers. Comcast is reportedly seeking to strike deals with other pay-TV providers to make Peacock available to their customers, too.


As we get more details on Peacock, we will share them with our readers. We thank Consumers Advocate for their research on this article and for their streaming services guide.


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