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toe rings

All You Should Know About Toe Rings. Will You Wear One?

A toe ring is a ring — made out of metals and/or non-metals — that is worn on any of the toes. The second toe is where they are worn the most.


Indian women value the Metti (or toe rings). These rings are believed to bring finesse, respect and responsibility to those who wear them because the toe ring is a proud symbol of one’s marital status.


The toe ring is generally worn at the time of the wedding where the bridegroom places it on the bride’s toe. It symbolises that the man is falling at the feet of the woman. Thereby, he places the respect of the family under her feet. And so, it is the duty of the bride to take care of it throughout her life.


Unmarried Hindu girls wear them on the third toe to help ease menstrual pain. Silver, being a good conductor, absorbs polar energies from the earth and then transfer to the woman’s body, thus refreshing the whole body.


All You Should Know About Toe Rings. Will You Wear One?


Toe rings are also worn to regulate the menstrual cycle, and thus increase the chances of conception. This is because of the slight pressure on the second toe that ensures a healthy uterus. Some cultures also say that the pressure felt on the second toe helps ease the pain during intercourse.


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Fashion is changing every day, and toe rings have become a new must-have making its fashion rounds. You can find toe rings in a variety of materials including gold, silver, plastic, and even jewels.


Toe rings are a fun and straightforward way to add a bit of effortless femininity to any outfit.


All You Should Know About Toe Rings. Will You Wear One?


When wearing casual clothing, beachwear, or sportswear, choose one that’s made of elastic or some other non-metal material and decorated with beads. For evenings out or parties, metal rings are a more formal and tasteful choice.


So let your feet shine! Match toe rings with all your outfits and make a style statement that is truly and uniquely you.


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